Hugo Kamishi™ hails from Lake Ashinoko in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Honshū, Japan, famous for it’s hot springs and spectacular views of Mount Fuji.

The tranquillity of the lake is often a catalyst for new designs and products.

Being able to totally clear your mind to focus on nature and beauty is a fantastic gift and Hugo has great pleasure in being able to parcel up a little of this wonder in the form of aquarium décor.

The products in the Hugo Kamishi™ range are synonymous with quality and design and will go a long way in making your Aquatic Environment look as peaceful and tranquil as you desire. The Hugo range changes with the seasons and allows new colours and themes to be experimented with throughout the year. The range itself includes a wide selection of imitation plants made from a selection of materials, coloured and natural gravels, decorative stones and ornaments.

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