Hydor is an electromechanical company founded in 1984, thanks to the intuition of the engineer Bresolin and his wife, who spotted an opening for a successful business on the US aquariology market. From the early days, when the company sold a single range of hanging filters, Hydor soon grew, moving to larger premises in the early Nineties so as to offer its rapidly growing number of customers a complete range of top-quality, high-tech filters, pumps and heaters. Thanks to its numerous patents filed all over the world, Hydor has been able to rapidly gain the trust and admiration of both customers and consumers, thanks to the excellent quality of its products.

The beginning of the new millennium saw a turning point in the company's strategy, and Hydor began focusing on the development of a policy designed to create a specific, clearly recognisable brand identity. Today Hydor is a benchmark for the design and manufacture of unique, innovative articles in the field of aquarium technology, and its products are exported worldwide.

The company is also increasingly specialising in high-quality products for marine aquarium enthusiasts, offering - as it has always done - high-performing items with original features.

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