In 1989, D-Pac Limited established itself as a manufacturer and distributor of pet care products. Since then the company has gained a reputation as being the leading supplier of aquatic and reptile substrates in the United Kingdom.

Under the brand name of UNIPAC, our extensive range of products has become synonymous with excellence in pet care. The range extends from aquatic substrates to small animal bedding, each boasting highest quality and performance.
Most of our products are manufactured under exacting standards for quality at our factory based in Northampton, United Kingdom. Our imported products from various parts of the world come from sustainable sources and also conform to the highest quality controls.

As regards aquatic substrates, the company’s primary objective is to manufacture and supply products with both aesthetic appeal and functionality, catering for the requirements of everyone from the ‘fish bowl’ hobbyist to the serious fish keeper and aquatic hardscape enthusiast. Similarly our range of reptile substrates offers both conventional and colourful alternatives.

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