Graham Cox founded Waterlife over 40 years ago. His interest in aquatics first arose whilst he was teaching biology and chemistry in Zambia. Whilst on holiday in Mozambique he swam and dived in the coral reefs and was so excited and enthusiastic by what he saw, he used his scientific background to form SeAquariums, - now a brand that is used for the marine range. SeAquariums was one of the first aquatic businesses to specialise exclusively in the importation of tropical marine life and the manufacture of equipment required to study them.

Ultramarine synthetic sea salt was one of the revolutionary new products brought to market in 1963. The salt was also used to breed the first Percula clown fish in a closed circuit system. Other pioneering innovations developed by Waterlife were the undergravel filter as it is seen today and the reverse flow filtration concept as used in the SeAquariums system. This was a complete aquarium with integral filter and was the fore runner to many tanks seen in market today. To this day, the company holds many patents ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Over the years, Waterlife has helped many businesses to get started in aquatics and has been pleased to be able to pass on knowledge to help grow the aquatic market. Such projects have included establishing fish farms and exporting stations and the setting up of public aquaria, both in the UK and overseas. In addition Waterlife has been contracted to create several aquatic exhibits for multi-national companies and government bodies, and has been involved with various TV and film productions.

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