Aqua One LED Air Operated Volcano 37086

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  • Easy set up
  • Large variety within the range!
  • High quality ornament for all freshwater and salt water aquariums
  • Add life and colour to your aquarium
  • PLEASE NOTE: Does not come with air pump, (available separately)
  • Made from 100% fish-safe materials
  • Perfect for decorating your fish tank

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The Aqua One Aerating LED Volcano ornament enables you to add vital oxygen and astounding color effects to your impressive aquascape. This functional decoration features a color-changing LED light that transitions between blue, green, and red colors with alternating speeds to create a mesmerizing light show!

In addition to its brilliant LED light, the Aerating LED Volcano also comes equipped with an integrated air stone to dispense life-sustaining oxygen bubbles to all of your aquarium inhabitants. Connect it to any standard air pump for powerful aerating action! This superbly detailed ornament is hand crafted from high quality, non-toxic materials. It is safe for use in freshwater and saltwater environments.

Please Note: air pump sold separately.