Aqua One Pro Reef Salt 20kg

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  • Suitable to make up 600L
  • Enriched sea salt mixture that contains elevated levels of calcium, magnesium and alkalinity
  • Ideal for delicate reef fish and corals
  • Fast dissolving
  • Contains NO Phosphate, Ammonia or Nitrate
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The new and improved Aqua One Reef Salt is a premium quality marine
salt specifically formulated to provide optimum conditions for all marine
fish and corals. Developed to replicate natural concentrations of most
major, minor and trace elements while providing elevated levels of calcium,
magnesium and alkalinity to maintain ideal conditions for coral growth.

Specific Gravity 1.026
PH 8.3
Alkalinity 160ppm (9dkh)
Magnesium 1450ppm
Calcium 460ppm
Potassium 375ppm
Bromide 30ppm
Strontium 9.5ppm
Iodine 0.058ppm
Molybdenum 0.01ppm
Iron 0.06ppm