Eheim Air 500

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  • Super silent
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimum oxygen supply for fish and plants
  • With UV resistant, sturdy housing and robust pump technology
  • Easy handling
  • Air pump with two outlets
  • 2 aerator stones
  • 2 hoses for aeration 5?m each
  • 1 Two-in-one connecting piece for two outlets
  • 2 non-return valves
  • Operating manual

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The Eheim AIR pond aerator is intended for the optimal oxygen supply of the pond and its inhabitants and at the same time provides a better filtration result through an improved water circulation. The bacterial degradation of harmful substances is also effectively supported through sufficient oxygen – for a healthy aquatic environment.

Maximum flow rate: 540 l/h
Pressure: 220 mbar
Power: 5W
Power supply: 220–240?/?50 V/Hz
Cable length: 3m
Dimensions: (w x d x h mm) 176 x 118 x 103