JBL Detoxol 100ml

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  • Removes toxic substances, such as ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2), chloride and chloramine IMMEDIATELY from freshwater and marine water
  • Extremely rapid action: toxic substances are neutralised after only 10 minutes
  • Nitrite and nitrate formation is reduced by the removal of ammonium. Binds heavy metals, such as copper and lead. Stabilises the carbonate hardness (KH). Can be overdosed up to 5 times
  • Add 10 ml Detoxol per 40 l water. Very high binding capacity: 10 ml can bind 30 mg ammonium and 2 mg chlorine
  • Package contents: 1 bottle JBL Detoxol incl. dosing cap for easy and precise dosing
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Ammonia and nitrite are toxic for fish. Biology and your filter should normally be able to keep the values within the problem-free range. This biological balance can be disturbed by medications, overfeeding and/or too many fish and the toxic substances listed can then occur in dangerous concentrations. Immediate action is urgently required to prevent fish loss!
The toxic substances are reliably and quickly neutralised by adding JBL Detoxol and rendered no longer dangerous. In addition you need to find out the reason for the formation of the toxins and how to remedy the problem.

Differences to other products:
Water conditioners, such as JBL Biotopol: water conditioners also neutralise chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. But they can’t neutralise toxic nitrogen compounds, such as ammonia and nitrite.
Bacterial preparations, such as JBL Denitrol: JBL Denitrol is also able to remove ammonium/ammonia, but biologically, through bacterial degradation. Unfortunately this cannot be done in 10 minutes; it takes hours or even days. For the long-term function of an aquarium the bacterial water conditioner JBL Denitrol is the right product – for an instant emergency aid you need JBL Detoxol.