JBL ProTemp B40 II

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  • Undergravel heating cable for ideal plant growth in aquariums: modelled on nature, thermal water flow through the bottom covering, promotion of root formation and growth. For aquariums from 200 up to 400 l (approx. 100 – 150 cm length)
  • Easy to install: place 7 m heating cable in loops on the bottom panel of the aquarium, fasten with suction cups
  • Biological filter: seeping nutrition sources modelled on nature – ideal supply for the plants. Prevents putrefaction zones caused by stagnant water
  • Energy-efficient and safe: silicone coated heating cable with energy-efficient, electronic transformer with 12 V extra low safety voltage
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Water circulation
Aquatic plants grow better in the wild when they have access to seeping nutrition sources. The plants absorb their food from these sources. The gentle undergravel heating causes the warm water to rise and the cold water, full of dissolved nutrients and minerals, sinks to the bottom. This creates a thermal water circulation, which washes the nutrition directly to the roots.

Easy to install
Place the heating cable in even-sized loops on the cleaned bottom panel when beginning to set up the aquarium. Fasten the heating cable with the enclosed suction cups (slotted suction cups). Bring the cold leads of the cable out of the aquarium and connect them to the transformer. The black markings on the cable clearly distinguish the cold lead from the heating cable.

Hazard-free use
The heating cable is silicone coated and works with an energy-efficient 40 W transformer and 24 V extra low safety voltage for hazard-free use. The transformer needs to be mounted in a well-ventilated and splash-proof place. The undergravel heating results in a slight warming of the substrate, but needs a heater thermostat (JBL ProTemp s) for warm water fish.

Package contents: undergravel heating cable 40 W for aquariums, incl. electronic transformer, 7 m heating cable, 2 x 2.2 m PTC resistor, 30 x suction cups