Penn-Plax Spongebob Pineapple Home – Mini

£3.99 inc. VAT

  • Made of a durable resin that’s safe for children & pets
  • Original colourful SpongeBob character design
  • Enjoy the magical world of Bikini BottomĀ® while teaching your child about pets
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Introducing the Penn-Plax SpongeBob Squarepants “Pineapple Home” mini aquarium ornament. This licensed Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants “Pineapple Home” ornament are made from a durable resin that can be placed right into your tank and is easily cleaned. This ornament is a great addition to any aquarium and with the many other great SpongeBob ornaments and items you can keep adding even more of the magical world of Bikini Bottom to your child’s aquarium.