TMC AquaRay mmS Adjustable Crosslink Bar x2 (1883)

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  • AquaRay MMS Adjustable Crosslink Bar x 2
  • Includes 6 x sliding nuts and 6 x rail fixing screws

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The TMC AquaRay (MMS) adjustable Crosslink Bar allows for the rails to be connected at any distance. This great addition to the range allow the rails to be angled too.

The MMS range consists of an AquaRay MMS Rail which is available in lengths from 490mm to 2415mm and can be easily cut to size for customised set ups. It also includes a number of fittings and accessories to allow the AquaRay units to be fitted directly into an existing hood, or suspended from brackets or the ceiling in the case of open top tanks

As this mounting system is modular, it is extremely flexible and is also very easy to build at home, with only a screwdriver required.

Pack of 2.