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The new G4 Radion range is out! Click the Radion to learn more.

Radion XR30 Lighting Unit

Lighting is a key requirement of keeping any type of tank, whether its Marine, Tropical or Aquascape. Without the right lighting fish can look dull, corals will wilt and your Aquascape will end up looking like a desert!

To make sure this does not happen we stock a wide range of Tubes and LED solutions, including the industry acclaimed Radion units by EcoTech Marine. If your not sure what type you will need please contact us or pop in for a demo, as the right light ensures that your tank is a happy one.

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Getting the right food is one of the most important parts of fish keeping. Without the right nutrients, your fish can become sick or even worse. At Abyss we stock a wide range of foods for your fish. One of the best we have found is the JBL range. JBL have put over 50 years of research and development into their range of products.
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One of the great ways to feed your fish are tabs. They not only contain all the required nutrients that your fish need, they are also fun to watch your fish feast on!

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For those of you that do not want real plants in your tanks, we offer an extensive variety of artificial plants.
As you can see, they look incredibly realistic.

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Aquaroche Logo

Aquaroche structures and shelves are made from a light and sterile ceramic rock with a specific porosity. The quantity, distribution and orientation of the many holes and canals, offers a very large surface area for colonisation around the outside and the inside of the rocks. Young fish and fry also find a shelter in our rocks adapted to their each size.

We’ve been selling Aquaroche now for over 6 years and for those of you that do not have any experience with this product it is an innovative alternative to all live rock aquariums.
The aim, as with the best live rock, is to make it easier for the development of bacteria and micro-organisms. The rocks support biological reactions in both aerobic and anaerobic areas. It has all of the benefits of live rock once matured, but none of the downsides. It has a tremendous 30+ year history and is highly regarded across the world.

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The main structures are free-standing and create the main shape of your scape. Into these you can cantilever different shapes and sizes of Aquaroche’s lightweight shelves to link them up and create a unique scape that is perfect for placing your precious corals safely. Having an amazing looking scape has been made easy with this product, no more leaning rocks against the glass, no nasty hitch-hikers and with the pieces having such a small footprint and displacing less water you’ll get improved water flow and a very natural looking scape.

This product can go straight into the aquarium, there is no need to wash or soak it. Aquariums with Aquaroche decors last for years, with a much better equilibrium than with resin products. So why not see what all the hype is about, give it a little go and join our Aquaroche revolution!

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or contact us if you have any special requirements or any questions that you may have, as ever we will guide you from beginning to end with all of the information and experienced advice that you may require.